Sunday, May 12, 2013

Greenwood County, Kansas

The population of Greenwood County in 1878 was 7,648. Greenwood County is just east of Butler County on Highway 400. The county seat and most populous city is Eureka, settled in 1857.

Map of Greenwood County, Kansas 1878
Map of Greewnwood County, Kansas from Schoolhouses are marked on the map.

Kansas State Board of Agriculture. First Biennial Report of 1878, Greenwood County.
First school houses: Eureka. township, on what is now the town site of Eureka, in 1857, by M. L. Ashmore, L. Prather, David Tucker and Edwin Tucker; Salt Springs township, 1871, district No. 45; Salem township, 1868, district No. 10; Pleasant Grove township, 1861, by an unorganized district school, taught by A. P. Loveland; Twin Groves township, 1873, district No. 41; Janesville township, 1857, William Sterling and others; there are five organized school districts in the township, each having a school building; Fall River township, by district No. 25, no date.
 I want to find the Otter Creek schoolhouse, found on flicker and panoramio. Go east on Highway 400 to Agard Rd..