Saturday, August 13, 2011

Butler County First Schools

The following information on Butler County was taken from the Kansas State Board of Agriculture First Biennial Report of 1878. This report and others are online thanks to Skyways and the Genweb Project. The map of Butler County indicating schools and other county maps are similarly available at the same site.
[Butler County] First school houses:

Augusta, 1869, district No. 13;
Bloomington township, 1872, district No. 5;
Bruno township, by district No. 72, date not given;
Chelsea township, 1860, by district No. 10 - first school taught by Miss Satchel;
Clifford township, 1871, by district No. 21 - first school taught by S. L. Roberds, afterwards county superintendent;
El Dorado township, first school house built by subscription of settlers, afterwards purchased by district No. 2;
Fairmount township, 1872, by district No. 70;
Little Walnut township, 1872, by district No. 59;
Plum Grove township, 1872, by district No. 53; Prospect township, by district No. 79;
Rock Creek township, 1870, by subscription of settlers in district No. 30;
Rosalia township 1872, by district No. 35 - there are four school houses in this district;
Spring township, August, 1872, by district No. 45;
Towanda township, 1863, built of logs, by settlers;
Union township, 1874, by districts Nos. 41 and 42;
Walnut township, by district No. 64.