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Lower Fox Creek Schoolhouse

Lower Fox Creek School, April 2015

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Built in 1884, the Lower Fox Creek school is 2 miles north of Strong City on the Flint Hills National Scenic Byway (Highway 177), within the Tallgrass Prairie National Reserve. The school was in operation until 1930 and the National Park Service operates a one day educational program.

Lower Fox Creek School, north view

Below is an 1887 map of Chase County,  Kansas Historical Society, view a bibliography of articles on Chase County schools. The school is located in the top row, third column.

Township Lower Fox Creek, 1901

Above is a plat map dated 1901, showing the township and the location of the Lower Fox Creek School, number 14, bottom row. Other schools are marked. See detail below.

The deed for the school was recorded in 1882 and the first school term began, September 1, 1884, Dora Peer, teacher. She was paid $35 a month.  

The land for the Lower Fox Creek school was donated by Stephen F. Jones, Strong City Bank President, lumberman and cattleman, who owned the Spring Hill Farm, now part of the Kansas National Prairie Reserve.

The school has two entrances, for boys and girls, with windows on all sides except the west. A water pump is attached to the school. Behind the school are the remains of a privy.

Remains of the privy
Nearby is Lower Fox Creek where even in July of 2011, clear spring water still runs.

view from Lower Fox Creek
Detail of 1901 Chase County township showing school number 14, Lower Fox Creek School

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