Saturday, July 23, 2011

Van Huss School

This, as Wikipedia would say, is just a stub and needs to be expanded on.

The Van Huss School, number 86 on the list of rural Butler county Schools,  was established in 1872 and closed due to consolidation in 1946.. The exact address is "Leon Rt. 2 Consol w/ #59 Leon". Today it is used as a private residence. There are several references to the Van Huss Community near Leon. At least four brothers, Isaac, Daniel, J.B. and Joseph Finley Van Huss, left Tennessee after the Civil War to settle in Butler County.

Check the Register of Deeds in El Dorado for records. The Index of 1882 shows Daniel as the grantee of deeds from the United States. Other transfers occurred between brothers.

A 1905 map of Butler County and its townships sets forth registered property owners. Go to Hickory Township, which is south of Higway 54 and just to the west of Beaumont where you will find John F. Van Huss and James Brewer as neighbors. John married Jesse Brewer, the daughter of James Brewer.

I have included this article because my wife's maiden name is Van Huss. Her father Robert Van Huss was born in Beaumont, Kansas. His father Fred, also of Beaumont, was son of Joseph F. Van Huss.

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